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Manifest: “If you hold it in your mind, you’ll have it in your hand”



The law of attraction states whatever we focus on, think about and put our energy into we will attract into our reality- wanted or unwanted. As humans we are subconsciously manifesting every minute of every day, so we must learn how to be in the drivers seat of our thoughts releasing doubt and negativity consciously choosing to focus our energy on what we’d like to welcome into our lives; “You have power over your mind- not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength”-  Marcus Aurelius. Holding our dream car, career, partner whatever you desire in our minds so we can receive in our hands; our thoughts today are creating our tomorrow. As Rhonda Byrne said “ Life isn’t happening to you, it’s responding to you.”


This isn’t to say we must be passive and do nothing towards reaching our dreams! The word manifestation stems from the Latin word manifestare meaning to make visible or to reveal. This is an action word so therefore we must do what we can to take steps towards what we desire. As Bob Proctor said “One difference between successful people and all the rest is that successful people take action.” Maybe you want to attract your dream partner but you don’t value yourself and aren’t treating yourself with love and respect. So how could you treat yourself with the love that you’d like to receive, maybe speaking kindly to yourself, speaking positive affirmations, taking yourself on dates, put yourself in social situations where you will meet new people, therefore putting out the energy that you are ready to receive the dream partner you have been visualising.



So here’s an exercise to help you manifest your dreams…

Find somewhere you feel relaxed, calm and still. Sitting in a comfortable position, maybe on a chair, cushion ( link) or yoga mat and closing down the eyes. Take a couple of deep breaths and just settle into your body and the present moment. 

When you feel calm and ready begin to visualise what would be your perfect day right now. You wake up, where are you, what are your surroundings, take it all In . Slowly begin to visualise yourself walking through your perfect day, maybe a loved one is preparing your favourite breakfast, maybe your on your way to your dream job, or even spending the day in bed relaxing; whatever your day is move through each moment taking your time to enjoy the entire day being a witness without judgment to where your mind takes you. Once your day has come to an end slowly begin to open your eyes and finding your journal (link to mantra kind journal) and pen take a few moments to write freely about your perfect day, how did you feel, did your perfect day surprise you, what could you do to move towards living your perfect day. Knowing you can come back to this exercise whenever you need to, maybe even surrounding yourself with the mantras you personally connect with, even wearing them ( link to tees) connecting yourself to your dreams and helping you become clear on what you’d like to manifest from your mind and into your hands; “ If you can dream it, you can do it.”- Walt Disney.


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