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Inhale the future, exhale the past

Take a moment right now to breathe, and release. Release your yesterday, the you from the day before knowing that all that matters is the you now, the you who is creating the future with every action you take today. We accept the version of ourselves we know to exist in the past instead of inhaling new positive energy pushing us forwards to grow and expand into new versions of ourselves each day. By taking time to just breathe we gently guide ourselves into the present moment. It’s easy for us to sit in the past, we wake up thinking over what happened yesterday, holding onto our mistakes, guilt, comparisons when in reality the only thing that matters is the now present moment. We exhale the past allowing it to be released as we welcome our new now moments. As we focus on the breath during breath work (also known as pranayama) we remain unmoved in the mind. The past is released and with each inhale we welcome the future as we are the conscious creators of our lives.


With each inhale we welcome fresh oxygen into our bodies diffusing into each cell which then releases carbon dioxide and stagnant energy to be released. A constant cycle of replacing the new with the old. On a microscopic cellular level our bodies know to let go of the old stagnant energy that does not serve us and accept the new fresh oxygen which nourishes the body. We can take this into our lives; instead of clinging onto the past  (the carbon dioxide) and choosing to only welcome the new (oxygen) which serves us and replenishes our bodies. Many of us get stuck in telling ourselves who we are, I am organised, I am shy, I am not good enough. We can choose to keep clinging on to our past beliefs always living in the past, or learn to release inhaling the future versions of ourselves who can be whoever we decide to be, not defined by any boundaries or past expectations.  


Breath work has many powerful benefits from reducing stress and anxiety, to aiding in digestion and reducing blood pressure. One of its most powerful benefits can include releasing trauma and help with the healing of emotional wounds. Breath work calms the body and allows it to rest in the subconscious mind, by doing so enables suppressed emotions to arise, traumas that have been deeply suppressed are given the space to surface and release therefore healing can take place. Inhaling the future and exhaling to release past traumas and emotions stored within our bodies leaving us feeling rejuvenated and free.



Here’s 2 breathing exercises for you to try: 


Find somewhere you can relax, feel calm and safe. Sit comfortably, and close down the eyes.

Take a few moments to just observe the breath; are you breathing into the belly, the chest or high in the throat? Is the breath fast or slow? 

And just see if you can send the breath down into the belly, lengthening each inhale and exhale taking time to fill up the lungs. 


Then breathing into the belly take a big inhale filling up the lungs slowly counting for 4, 3, 2, 1

Hold the breath at the top for 4, 3, 2, 1

Slowly exhale for 4,3,2,1

And stop empty holding the breath out for 4,3,2,1


Repeat this as many times as you’d like to, we recommend trying to do at least 4 rounds each time. 

When your ready to release just taking time to let the breath find a natural rhythm before gently opening the eyes again. Take a moment to check in with how you feel now, in your body, your mind and also your emotions. Without judgment just accepting exactly where you are.


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