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Giving back- “Bags of gr-attitude”

We have all been gifted this beautiful planet to call home and it is our responsibility to do what we can to look after it. On average 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into the ocean each day with only 9% of the plastic we use being recycled. There are so many alternatives to using plastic nowadays making it easy to reduce are waste output. Some easy swaps we can make include buying reusable shopping bags ( link), reusable water bottles (links) , coffee cups and straws. All these products add up to a high volume of the plastic that is wasted every day with 5 trillion plastics bags used every year (each bag taking around 1,000 years to decompose in landfill), 5.5 billion plastic water bottles sent to landfill sites, incinerated or littered and 500 million plastic straws being used and wasted every single day. Not only are we creating waste which takes years to decompose a lot of this waste plastic ends up in the ocean, polluting the planet and damaging wildlife. We can all play our part to do what we can to reduce our own waste, start conversations with friends about reducing our waste and the impacts on the environment and recommending our favourite sustainable brands and products.


Not only will a bag of gr-attitude help you reduce your waste when shopping we also plant 3 trees for every gr- attitude product sold, along with any product sold at mantrakind 1 tree is planted making us a carbon neutral company. It is at the core of our values as a business to make sure we look after this beautiful planet and do what we can to protect it and therefore we have set up Mantra planter allowing us to plant trees all over the world and work with communities as we travel with our digital nomad lifestyles. With Mantra planter we have tree packages available to purchase so you are able to buy extra trees as part of your order if you’d like to give back even more! The increase in carbon dioxide into our atmosphere is one of the biggest drivers of climate change therefore planting trees is one of the best solutions to reversing global warming. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen and with trees having such long lifespans they are a long lasting solution to reverse the high levels of carbon dioxide also improving the air quality around us that we are inhaling with every breath. Planting trees isn’t just an incredible solution to global warming it also helps increase biodiversity, reduces risks of flooding and improves soil quality meaning the food we grow is more nutrient dense too.


As digital nomads we have travelled all over the world seeing first hand deforestation, destruction of landscapes and beaches swamped with plastic. We see a huge opportunity with the work we do to reverse this damage to support the beautiful environments we get to explore along with helping the local communities we live in. As yoga teachers we feel it’s our duty on and off our mats to help the world around us, inspiring and assisting everyone to do what they can for the planet. In yoga we have the Niyamas; 5 guidelines or positive duties we can incorporate into our lives. One of the niyamas is Saucha, meaning purity and cleanliness. Not only does this mean being clean ourselves cleansing and taking care of our bodies but also means cleaning our environments. By using reusable products and looking after our environments we can take our yoga practice into the world and practice Saucha every single day.

Not only can we use reusable products we can also make sure we recycle correctly becoming more conscious consumers. Perhaps shopping locally when possible to reduce food mileage and support local businesses, buying plastic free products, or even choosing to buy from businesses who have environmental values which align with yours. Here at mantrakind we not only want to inspire you with our words we also like to assist you in living a more conscious and loving lifestyle.



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